Monday, 4 September 2017

The Shop Card

This is a shop card I made as a sample with a kit from Daisytrail with art work by Lauren C. Waterworth, The kit was full of dresses, hats, hatboxes and lots of other ladies accessories, so I decided to make a shop card to put them in. The shop was designed in CraftArtist, The items in the shop are all on strips of card going across the width. I can't give away the shop contents, but I can give away the shop. I thought there could be many uses for it, cake shop, flower shop even a pet shop, it's up to you and your imagination. The shop is in PNG form and I've included the back wall which can be recoloured or used for a pattered paper, the ceiling coving from the wall, the picture rail, shelf and a hatstand ,mirror, table and dress rail for anyone making a dress shop. Just add the name to the front. I've made 3 colour ways, so hopefully one will suit your project. Just score the lines on the 2 larger pieces and glue as in photo 2. Add as many strips as you want to hold your shop contents. I hope you enjoy this project. I'm hoping to make some more as I go along. Just bring the images into your image software and add to it x

This is the link for the download. 
The three colours included. These are for Personal use only.

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