Friday, 15 September 2017

Mouse/ Fairy house

Oh NO! Mr Mouse has moved into my house! He's moved to the top of the stairs above the skirting board. He's waiting for Katherine to come tomorrow. Then he may go home with her.

The door has been made the same as the card above, but cut out with it's foliage. It's then been stuck to the wall with Stick and Spray, semi permanent spray. Mr Mouse has been decoupaged with silicone.
This is another version, but this time a Fairy door. I've made a CraftArtist Digikit for the door graphic, which just needs to be added to a paper, including  instructions, I've also added the Fairy minus her flowered headdress and wings which are from Lauren's kit. There is a CraftArtist version, the file is a Digikit so place in the Digikit folder. Non CraftArtist users, file includes  PNG images.

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