Sunday, 15 October 2017

Festive Christmas samples 3

I loved this paper, when I had made the card up it had a look of Parchment craft. Kit

So after the card I thought, I'll give a scrap page a go. So I've created this with a few shadows. I was really pleased with the effect. This is James my Grandson, who is now 16. This was moments after he came on stage at the Nativity and announced to me he'd lost his head! He meant his lambs head as he was a sheep, I heard myself say to him, " you still look like a sheep" only for him to shake his head in disbelief  at my comment and walked off!

Festive Frolics Kit

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  1. I love the page you made of your grandson. It reminds me of Hardanger Embroidery.
    Helen x