Tuesday, 29 August 2017

The Pop up Circus

I was looking on Google and came across matchbox theaters. I had purchased a digi kit from  Daisytrail  before the shop closed and thought I would love to make a matchbox circus. The matchbox itself I made from a frozen pizza box.I decorated this with elements and papers from the kit. The tent image went onto the back of the tray and then I inserted all of the figures into another box I made to fit inside the matchbox.

This is the box sleeve for when the circus goes away.

This is the Circus folded down to go inside of the sleeve.


  1. It's very lovely! They had a lot of really pretty kits on Daisy Trail. I just found out they closed and was so sad. :( I had started back to school, as I am a teacher, and did not know they were closing. I would have tried to buy some of their kits before they closed. Do you know if they are selling their kits elsewhere?

  2. I'm afraid now that Daisytrail has closed, their kits have gone too. The good news is that several of the Daisytrail artists are now making kits for sale on their own. Lauren's kit is the first to be launched, so watch out. Most of the members have gone over to Serif CraftArtist beginners on Facebook. There is lots of kit information too xx